​​​​​​​​​Upcoming Events

Jul 17 (Wed) 6-8 PM  Sunset Sailaway - Gloucester

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Aug 3 (Sat) 1-4 PM  MEMBER's ONLY: The Annual BBQ at Frank and Belva's

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Dec 1/20:  Homeland Securitywith Juliette Kayyem (Members Only)

Dec 3/20:   Ig Nobel Night with Marc Abrahams

Dec 10/20:  Survival of the Friendliest with Prof Brian Hare.  
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Jan 7/21Per-Suasion: What separates average persuaders from extraordinarily successful ones?  Author Robert Cialdini

​Feb 25/21Happiness: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness by Robert Jon Waldinger, MD

Mar 3/21:  Quantum Computing -- potential applications and the impact on future business with Dr. Suhare Nur of IBM. 

Mar 18/21The Voice in our Head, Why it Matters and How to Harness it with Prof Ethan Kross

Mar 18/21​:  The Civil War and the Constitution -- How should one feel about a modern democratic society’s being governed by a 225 year-old Constitution? with Prof Michael Korman

Mar 25/21: The Hype Machine --​ how we can protect ourselves and democracy from fake news deception and social media manipulation with Dr. Sinan Aral of MIT. 

Apr 16/21:  Virtual Cheese Tasting
(Members Only)

Apr 26/21:  Rep. Seth Moulton

Jun 10/21: The 2021 HCMV Annual Meeting 

Sept 9/21:  The 2021 Ig Nobel Prize

Nov 3/21:  Soft, Wearable Robots -- textile robots aimed to augment or assist physical capabilities with Prof Conor Walsh

Nov 16/21The Preparedness Paradox -- our need for "adaptive recovery" to meet the ever-changing challenges of the global pandemic with Prof Juliette Kayyem

Nov 30/21​: Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding​ with Prof Daniel Lieberman
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Dec 6/21 SHAM (the Society of Harvard-Undergraduate Magicians) CLICK HERE to watch the recording

Jan 27/22Biden at Year Two: A Historical Assessment​ with Prof Ted Widmer

Mar 10/22: How Stories Shape History ​with Professor Martin Puchne

Mar 23/22: Harvard Music: Past, Present, Future with Professors Thomas F. Kelly & Dean M. Uy

April 28/22:  Virtual Cheese Tasting: Presented by Mill City Cheesemongers

Aug 13/22:  Summer BBQ - Outdoor party at Frank and Belva Hopkin's home

Aug 29/22Sunset Sailaway - Sunset "Sailaway" aboard the schooner Ardelle along the coast of Gloucester and Cape Ann.

Sept 15/22: The 2022 Ig Nobels - Live simulcast of the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony at the newly-renovated Worden Theater.  Light refreshments served. Stevens Center, N. Andover, MA

Dec 8/22Holiday Potluck - Holiday get-together at home of Director Diane Huster

Dec 15/22Webinar -- Cooking Science - Prof. Michael Brenner uses cooking to demonstrate the principles of Physics

Feb 9/23 Webinar -- 6 PM -- Virtual Chocolate Tasting

Feb 21/23   Congressman Seth Moulton -- Live at Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, MA and by Zoom

Feb 25/23  Live Magic Show at the Worden Theater -- Harvard's own magician troupe "SHAM" performed

Aug 13/22:  Summer BBQ - Outdoor party at Frank and Belva Hopkin's home

Nov 16/23:    How Stories Shape History by Prof. Martin Puchner at the Worden Theater, No. Andover MA

Dec 6, 2023:Webinar: The Roots of American Self-Defense Laws by Prof Caroline Light

Dec 14, 2023: Members Only - Holiday Potluck

​Jan 24, 2024   Webinar: Prof Michael Brenner - The Science of Cooking

May 17, 2024   Guided Wine Tasting at Marble Ridge Winery, North Andover


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