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The following is an older presentation.

For the past few years the Harvard Club of Merrimack Valley has made college outreach to local high school students a priority.  Many highly talented young people are missing out on applying to our nation's top colleges for a variety of reasons.  Most do not understand the need to begin preparing for college at the beginning of their freshman year and as a result fail to take academic courses or engage in consistent extracurricular activities needed over a period of four years.  Some believe they could never afford to attend a top level college.  Others lack confidence in their ability to get in and don't even try.  Whatever the reason, those of us at the Club are dedicated to providing young people and their parents with the information they need to be successful when applying to highly selective colleges.  As a result, we have created a video and slide presentation that will guide students once they have completed 8th grade. We hope you will find these tools helpful and wish you the best as you prepare for college.

College Preparatory Advice

To download a pdf file of the presentation, please CLICK HERE