HCMV Membership as of June 11, 2021

HCMV membership is calendar year.  If you are wondering if you are a current member, please look for your name below.  If you are not listed, please CLICK HERE to join *.

Contact Dennis Vecchi with questions.

Hayden Anderson

Janet Benvenuti

​​Rebecca Blaeser Vana

Stephen Chapman

Jeanette Clinkenbeard

Joel Clinkenbeard

Steve Davis

JoAnn Ferraro

Alison Forchoh

Diane Huster

Rod Kessler

Amy Latva-Kokko

​Jason Martel

Dennis McHugh

Jean Moody

Stephanie Moore​

Lawrence Morse

Sandy Morse-Druhan

Seth Moulton

Sarah Peskoe

Stuart Peskoe

Sandhya Pillalamarri

Carol Reid

Art Rousmaniere

Andrea Rutherford

Thomas Smith

Richard Soo Hoo

Allen Townsend

Dennis Vecchi

Andie Wang

Zora Warren


* We are an all-volunteer organization and appreciate your using the online form for registration and payment.  If you need to pay by check, however, please download and complete the membership form and mail it to us.  Thanks!

Harvard Club of Merrimack Valley